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CSL Brief History

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the website of the Central Science Laboratory, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The Central Science Laboratory (CSL) was established in 1999 and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that are used by students and academics to meet the cutting edge research needs of the university towards attaining the developmental objectives of our nation in the 21st century and beyond. The Laboratory facilities have no doubt enhanced the research profile of the university, enabling it to provide strategic leadership in Research and Development activities that have earned it recognition both nationally and internationally


The mission is to provide and maintain state-of-the-art research equipment that strengthens teaching and research in the sciences and, service research and development activities nationwide. A major focus of the laboratory is to train researchers and other users on how to derive maximum benefits from the installed equipment.

It is important to emphasize that the Laboratory’s establishment has not in any way precluded faculties, departments and units from acquiring and utilizing their own research equipment, the procurement of which the Director of the CSL coordinates for the university from the yearly Federal Government Teaching and Research Equipment grant. Thus, the CSL operations complement faculty/departmental facilities, thereby providing the university a competitive advantage over others in the country. The Laboratory provides a basis for synergy in the University’s research agenda as well as encourages interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, thus setting the university at a high research pedestal.

I salute the foresight of the University authorities in establishing such a laboratory and also the effort of previous Directors of the Centre and succeeding Vice-Chancellors who have kept the dream alive through provision of needed funds for regular maintenance and newer acquisition of items of equipment. The intervention of the Carnegie Corporation of New York in partnering with the laboratory to fulfill its mandate since 2003 is also deeply appreciated.


The major strategic objectives are to:

  • Acquire and maintain specialized items of teaching and research equipment
  • Provide a 24h gender friendly access to users within and outside the university, including visiting scientists
  • Provide analytical services where direct access by users is considered inexpedient
  • Provide a forum for vibrant interactions by way of seminars and training workshops for staff and users
  • Secure partnership to guarantee sustainability of the services.

Our Equipments

About CSL

The availability of well-equipped and functional laboratories for multi-disciplinary research purposes is condition sine qua non for scientific development of developing nations, Nigeria inclusive. The University Central Science Laboratory (CSL) was established in 1999 as a cost-optimizing innovation for providing modern expensive facilities, centrally, for qualitative instruction at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to enhance the quality of research in a wide range of science disciplines. Hitherto, individual departments procured instruments/equipment leading to duplication of expensive facilities with no spare parts to service them and researchers had no idea what equipment/facilities existed in other departments/units. The CSL was thus established to address theseproblems by pooling the resources under one management and placing them at the disposal of both staff and students. Facilities that are considered expensive but of priority to primary academic programmes of multidisciplinary application and require support of infrastructure are selected for management by the CSL in a purpose-built CSL building,backed up with electricity generators of 114 and 22.5KVA respectively in the event of power failure.

The CSL is categorized into five sections according to spatial location of items of equipment viz:

  • Biology Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Laboratory
  • Microscopy laboratory including Scanning Electron microscope (SEM)
  • Biotechnology Laboratory
The management of the laboratory is under a Director with Lab conveners/Coordinators in charge of the various sections listed above. Since inception, over 36 science-based departments/units within the University regularly use the facilities and the main users are members of staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students for research and final year projects respectively. Apart from providing needed facilities, the CSL has impacted positively on the Science disciplines through attraction of undergraduate students for industrial attachment and providing assistance in meeting accreditation requirements of professional regulatory bodies and those of the National Universities Commission.Over 20 other universities/research institutes across the nation make use of the services of the Laboratory. Essentially, the Center has been able to attract a reasonable cross section of users countrywide. The CSL has also emerged as a model for other universities in Nigeria. In addition, regular hands-on training workshops are held from time to time to update the knowledge of users. The CSL has been a beneficiary of the Carnegie Corporation of New York support from 2003 to date for sustenance of its activities, which include acquisition of some additional items of equipment and accessories, replacing aging ones, carrying out maintenance services for specialized items of equipment as well as, training opportunities for CSL staff members and the users.

Why Our equipments

Why Use Our Equipments

  • Best Equipment

    The availability of well-equipped and functional laboratories for multi-disciplinary research purposes.

  • Top Notch Research Environment

    over 36 science-based departments/units within the University.

  • Education

    Provide a forum for vibrant interactions by way of seminars and training workshops for staff and users.


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